Caroline Catlin

Caroline Catlin

photo by Kirstie Arnberg


Passionate about storytelling since a young age, Caroline’s writing has been featured at publications such as The New York Times, Teen Vogue, Longreads, Healthline, and Glamour. Her photography & film can be found in Boston Globe, AliveNow, LOAM, and elsewhere.

Caroline’s research and work in behavioral health and developmental trauma has inspired her to incorporate art into the process of caregiving and therapy, as well as to work on reforming the way health, illness, and disability are portrayed in media. 

She is fueled most by gratitude, community, and sour candy.

+ New York Times

What I Learned Photographing Death
July 2019

+ Glamour

I Wasn't Ready to Think About My Fertility - Then I Got Brain Cancer
April 2019

+ Teen Vogue

I Was Raped by a Woman
April 2017

+ Longreads

My Abuser's Gender Made Me Doubt My Experience
February 2018

+ Healthline

Suicide Survivors Share Their Stories and Advice in These Photos
February 2019

These Photos Capture the Love LGBTQ Folks Have for Their Chosen Families
February 2019

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande: Suicide and Addiction Are No One’s Fault
September 2018

5 Ways Depression Has Enhanced My Life
July 2018

Myth vs. Reality: What Does a Panic Attack Feel Like?
June 2018

My Lyme Disease Diagnosis Took Forever Because of Mental Health Stigma
May 2018

6 Ways to Love Your Body on Bad Days
April 2018

+ Autostraddle

We Are One In the Same
April 2017

+ The Body Is Not An Apology

For Those Staying In: In the Closet, But Still Worth Loving
October 2016

+ The Mighty

How Do You Love Your Chronically Ill Body Even on the Bad Days?
August 2016 (republished)

+ Huffington Post

Why I Chose Summer Camp
July 2015

Magic With A Capital M: A Modern Day Christmas Miracle
December 2014

Not Just Men: Expanding the Conversation on Sexual Assault
September 2014

The Season of Coming Out
June 2014

My Seamester of Overlap
June 2014

+ Pank

True or False
June 2016
Nominated for Best New Poets 2017

+ Broadly

When You're a Woman Raped by a Woman
April 2016

+ Feministing

Prison That Forces Inmates to Give Birth in Shackles Being Sued
March 2017

From the White House to Motels, Rape Culture is Alive and Well
March 2017

The Rampant Sexual Harassment in Silicon Valley
March 2017

Baby Feminist Power and Helping Children Join the Movement
March 2017


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Volunteer Photographer, Soulumination, 2019—current

Freelance Photography, Self Employed, 2017-2019

Event Photographer, Ryther, 2016—2017

Production Intern, National Park Experience, 2016

Event Photographer, Wesleyan, 2014—2015

Photographer's Assistant, Hannah Weddings, 2014


What I Learned Photographing Death, New York Times, 2019

Suicide Survivors, Healthline 2019 (photographer)

Chosen Families, Healthline 2019 (photographer)

Noah, 2017 (production intern)

Boston Globe, 2016 (photographer)

Loam Magazine (print), 2016 (photographer)

Alive Now (print), 2014-2015 (photographer)

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