Caroline Catlin

Hi, I'm Caroline. I'm a storyteller, artist, and mental health worker based out of Seattle, Washington.


I believe creativity is an access point to healing.

My work in behavioral health & trauma has inspired me to incorporate art into the process of caregiving and therapy, as well as to work on reforming the way our culture looks at mental health and disability.

Passionate about storytelling since a young age, I have been published places such as Teen Vogue, PANK, Broadly, and Feministing.  My photography & film can be found in Boston Globe, AliveNow, and LOAM. 

I am fueled most by connection, community, and gratitude.




Images & Film



Noah, March 2017 (production intern)

Boston Globe, November 2016 (photographer)

Loam Magazine (print), 2016 (photographer)

Alive Now (print), 2014-2015 (photographer)


Event Photographer, Ryther Child Center, 2016 

Production Intern, National Park Experience, 2016

Event Photographer, Wesleyan University, 2014 - 2015

Photographer's Assistant, Hannah Weddings, 2014




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I believe it is important to recognize and appreciate the mentors and teachers I have had along the way so far. All of these people are artists in their own right and have deeply influenced me and my work.

Jacob Hannah
Megan Hannah
Sasha Rudensky
Kate Izor
Alice Leeds
Meg Donnelly
Anne Greene
Elizabeth Willis
Sierra DeMulder
Caroline Rothstein
Lily Myers
Kara Wernick
Josh Smith
Mel Hsu
Dana Romanoff
Amy Marquis
Shira Erlichman

The incredible drawings you'll find around the website were made by Gabriela Indivero.