When you're queer, family can be a complicated word. Too often LGBTQ individuals are made to leave their families of origin due to their sexual or gender identity and forced to find new places to live, new communities, and new places to call home. And in response, queer folks have responded by creating what they need to find and building family from connection. I believe this demonstration of resilience within queer culture is one of utmost importance and notability, and I wish to capture the stories, experiences, and images of queer families, related by blood and otherwise.

This photo project is uninterested in whether or not your family members are genetically related to you, rather I am interested in exploring what family and connection means, and why it matters to you and your loved ones.

The project will consist of portraits paired with voice recordings about what makes a family and a series of related questions.

If you need/want to be anonymous, please let me know.

I will do everything I can to make sure you feel supported in this process! 

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